Family News Services

Restoring family links means carrying out, in those situations, a range of activities that aim to prevent separation and disappearance, restore and maintain contact between family members, and clarify the fate of persons reported missing.
It involves collecting information about persons who are missing, persons, who have died, and vulnerable persons such as children separated from their families and persons deprived of their freedom.
It also involves tracing persons unaccounted for, organizing the exchange of family news and the transmission of documents when normal means of communication have broken down, organizing family reunifications and repatriations, and issuing travel documents and attestations.
These activities are carried out by the Family Links Network constituted by the ICRC and the tracing services of the Tamil Nadu state Branch.
Respect for the family's unity goes hand in hand with respect for human dignity. Every year, the ICRC and the Red Cross help hundreds of thousands of people (displaced persons, refugees, detainees and missing persons) to restore family links and to clarify the fate of missing relatives.
These services are offered to:

Family members separated due to conflicts, disaster or any other situation of Humanitarian need.

Refugees and asylum seekers.


Separated children.

Families of the above mentioned categories.