First Aid

As you all are aware that, Indian Red Cross Society is constituted under enactment of Parliament Act XV of 1920. It is a pioneering Organization aiming to alleviate human sufferings in any form and caretakers for fulfilling Humanitarian Needs. We are very happy to inform you that both Indian Red Cross Society and St John. Ambulance (India) are working under one umbrella at National Head Quarters level and the Secretary General for Indian Red Cross Society and St.John. Ambulance (India) at NHQ, New Delhi is one and the same.

In Detail

As per the guidelines received from St.John Ambulance, National Head Quarters New Delhi Red Cross Branches in all States and UTs are authorized to impart First Aid Training and issue Certificates on par with St.John Ambulance. As part of its activities, Indian Red Cross Society Tamil Nadu Branch is imparting First Aid Training Programmes all over Tamil Nadu for School & College Students, Professionals, General Public, Teachers/Professors, Nurses and all other Officers and Staff members o all Departments including VAOs and MNCs.

As part of the First Aid Training Programme so far more than 19000 persons were trained and 16000 National Level Certificates issued since June 2013. Certified Lecturers readily available with IRCS TNB will conduct the training as per syllabi and the duration of the each such Training session will be compulsorily 16 hours(2days) . After the Training, written examination will be conducted which will be followed by Viva, conducted by the Medical Officer who is not part of the First Aid Training Resource Persons' Team. After completion of the Trainings, written examination and Viva, the Original Proficiency Certificate will be issued by Indian Red Cross Society, NHQ, New Delhi.

Red Cross Tamil Nadu Branch is very eager to impart the First Aid Training to one and all and make this Society independent to take any emergency / Crisis and aims at providing this yeoman training to all class of People (Male, Female and even Transgender) and produce FIRST- AIDERs throughout the State of Tamil Nadu whose services can be availed by the local District Administration during emergencies. You are requested to make use of this opportunity in your individual capacity as also your Institution, as part of Emergency Response provider, at your earliest convenience and help Indian Red Cross Society, Tamil Nadu Branch render this Yeomen service to mankind and make our State / Country less Vulnerable to both Natural / Manmade Disasters.

For further details please contact Indian Red Cross Society , Tamil Nadu branch through email : or .