Indian Red Cross Society & HIV/AIDS

HIV confronts the world with many challenges. Tamil Nadu Red Cross has come forward to work with the resolve to the best in its endeavor against this epidemic. The programme aims at prevention, treatment, care and support and in talking stigma and discrimination.

Youth Peer Education Programme (HIV/AIDS)

The Indian Red Cross Society, Tamil Nadu branch has been implementing YPEP/CCC programmes with the support of the International Federation from April 2008 in four districts. The objective of the programme is to create awareness and Reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS, Prevention and anti ā€“ stigma interventions among the youth of the identified institutions,. Indian Red Cross Society has a very strong volunteer base in Schools and Colleges by way of Junior/ Youth Red Cross volunteer, which makes it easier for Indian Red Cross Society to again access to the targeted population.

In each District 20 Schools and 20 Colleges, are implementing the programmes in co-ordination with the Institutional Heads, Junior Red Cross, Counselors / Youth Red Cross, Programme officers.

Care and Support-3 ā€˜Sā€™ Link Tambaram Hospital Project

Government Hospital of thoracic medicine, with sanctioned 776-bed strength and 120-bedded rehabilitation center caters to the needs of just over 1000 inpatients. It is the largest AIDS care centre in India with around 800 patients visiting the separate HIV OP department daily and over 400 patients taking inpatient treatment in 16.HIV wards including one palliative care ward.
Indian Red Cross involvement in HIV/AIDS is centered on prevention with care and support to population affected with HIV/AIDS, addressing stigma and discrimination in society, advocate and refer to treatment access, and support services to alleviate the sufferings of population. Indian Red Cross does not enter into treatment of any form but will support the existing services whenever possible.

About 6000 inpatients are given nutritional support (high protein )and 400 hygiene kits are provided for the new inpatients every month. The general, family and the nutritional counseling by the programme counselors and the project coordinator has been well received by the patients and their relatives. Counseling is done to create awareness about HIV/ AIDS transmission, prevention, safe sex, use of condoms even if both the partners are positive and stigma and discrimination.

Community Care Center At Karimangalam in Dharmapuri District

CCC programme is unique programme to improve the well being, health and social status of the discriminated vulnerable population in the community infected and affected with HIV. integrated prevention, Care & Support services to HIV infected women and their children by providing comprehensive health care, supplementary nutrition preschool education, psycho ā€“ Social & Skill support and address stigma in the community are the main features of the programme.