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Artificial Limb Center





B/L Calliper – 3


PTB Limb -1

Syms Limb – 1

AK Limb – 1

BE Splint – 1

B/L AK Splint – 1


B/L HKAFO Space Bar -1


Lt. KAFO – 1

Tricycle – 1

B/L KAFO – 1

AX Crutches – 1



CTEV – 1

AK Splint – 1

BE Splint – 1


Total – 18 Total – 3


Family Counseling Center

The Family Counselling Centre is a Project of Indian Red Cross Society, Tamil Nadu Branch under the grant of Central Social Welfare Board. It has completed fifteen years of dedicated service to the Society. It has successfully dealt more than 5,322 cases. During May 2016, 16 cases were dealt by this Centre to the satisfaction of the affected people as under:-

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Day Care Hospital

The Day Care Hospital attached to Indian Red Cross Society, Tamil Nadu Branch is functioning from 28.12.1998 to cater the needs of the downtrodden. The Hospital services were extended on various specialties and the following are the details of patients who were benefitted during  May  2016.

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